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Speciality: Medical Physics

The development of medicine in contemporary world is largely thanks to the use of new physical methods, supported by computer technology and by the introduction of new unique materials. Further development in these areas requires close and constant collaboration between physicians and physicists. Our graduates, well educated in both physics and biomedicine are perfectly suited to this task.

Speciality: Molecular Biophysics

The rapid development of medicine in contemporary world is largely thanks to the better understanding of physical phenomena that underlie processes in living organisms. That is the reason for the growing demand for biophysicists: the specialists knowledgeable in physics, chemistry, computer science and various disciplines of biology. The students of molecular biology learn to use experimental and computational methods of physics to conduct research into subcellular structures and the molecular mechanisms underlying biological processes.
Our study offer in the field of biophysics consists of two programmes: the first cycle programme, which offers the basic preparation in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and computer science, and the second cycle programme, during which the students can deepen and extend their knowledge in the fields on the borderline between biology, medicine and physics, and become experts in biophysics.

What we offer:
• studies of modern mathematics, experimental and theoretical physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biophysics and computer science
• access to physical and computer laboratories, library, data analysis tools, modern research software, scientific publications, and international student exchange within the framework of Socrates/Erasmus programme,
• opportunity to take part in our research and assistance in contacting foreign scientific centres
• opportunity to continue education as a doctoral student

Why biophysics?

Whereas the 20th century was dominated by the spectacular advancement of physics, it seems that the 21st century will be the age of biophysics, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

The modern technology makes frequent use of the knowledge gained by exploring the functioning of biological systems. The understanding of this knowledge is the key to the development of modern micro- and nanoscale technologies, which, in turn, can be used, inter alia, in medicine and pharmacology.

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary field of study that gives the graduates the opportunity to find employment in wide variety of careers, in such areas as medical diagnostics, environmental protection, and the design and construction of biomedical apparatus.