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Dean's Representatives

Dean's Representative for Promotion

prof. dr hab. Szymon Pustelny

Phone: 12 664-4691

Room C-1-22





The duties of the Plenipotentiary are:
Managing information about the Faculty, coordinating promotional events held at the Faculty, liaising with the JU Promotion Office and supervising the WFAIS Promotion Office, liaising with businesses, CITTRU and JCET, representing WFAIS research groups within the IDUB project.

Dean's Representative for Equal Treatment

dr Katarzyna Oleś

Phone: 12 664-4833

Room D-2-40





The role of the Plenipotentiary is to oversee the broad issue of equal treatment of male and female employees, as well as male and female students of the Faculty regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity. Ensuring the equal treatment of all those associated with our Faculty is an important issue for the creation of a modern, world-class research institution.


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Dean's Representative for Persons with Disabilities

dr Renata Gargula

Phone: 12 664-4580

Representative's duty:
Tuesday: 11.00 am - 12.00 pm, Thursday: 11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Room B-1-24




  • Plenipotentiaries inform students and teaching staff about forms of educational support and how to apply for a teaching process adaptation.
  • Plenipotentiaries oversee the implementation of the adaptation of the educational process to the needs of persons with disabilities and persons in special health situations studying at the FAIS Faculty of the Jagiellonian University.
  • Plenipotentiaries collaborate with the JU Department for People with Disabilities to determine the optimal forms of adaptation of the educational process equalizing the educational opportunities of persons with disabilities in full access to the educational offer at the JU FAIS Faculty.
  • Plenipotentiaries coordinate the preparation and adaptation of workstations in rooms where teaching takes place, e.g. in computer laboratories, to the individual needs resulting from the disability of the person requesting the adaptations.
  • Plenipotentiaries work with the Building Administrator and the Information and Technology Centre to adapt the infrastructure of the WFAIS UJ building to the needs of people with disabilities.

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Dean's Representative for Sport

mgr Artur Michałek

Phone: 12 664-4576

Room F-2-21





The Plenipotentiary's tasks include helping to organise sporting events, financially supporting students and faculty in training and in participating in sporting competitions. For several years, the following events have been organised annually: "Run on the Campus", the FAIS Faculty Championships in the marathon, road cycling, the Professor Jerzy Zachorowski Cycling Memorial and table tennis competitions.

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Dean's Representatives for Evaluation and Quality of Education


prof. dr hab. Rafał Abdank-Kozubski

Phone: 12 664-4527

Room B-1-28




dr hab. Zdzisław Golda

Phone: 12 623-8636

Room 10 (New Building, The Astronomical Observatory)




dr hab. Piotr Korcyl, prof. UJ

Phone: 12 664-4608

Room B-2-09




dr hab. Barbara Strug, prof. UJ

Phone: 12 664-4723

Room D-2-22




dr hab. Grażyna Ślusarczyk, prof. UJ

Phone: 12 664-4728

Room C-2-20





  • Plenipotentiaries check the correctness, verification and updating of data in the USOS system of the Jagiellonian University necessary for the correct conduct of survey actions and correct analysis of the results in terms of pro-quality measures.
  • Plenipotentiaries develop an internal system for the implementation of survey actions to increase the participation of JU students and lecturers in pro-quality activities.
  • Plenipotentiaries collaborate with the Council of Study Groups and the Student Council on outreach, promotion and implementation of survey campaigns.
  • Plenipotentiaries carry out tasks commissioned by the JU FAIS Faculty Authorities, including the preparation of analyses and other studies to improve the quality of the educational process.

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Dean's Representative for Student Internships

dr hab. Bartosz Such, prof. UJ

Phone: 12 664-4584

Room B-1-05





Signing agreements on behalf of the JU FAIS Faculty regarding student placements and internships.