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Wsparcie dla ukraińskich naukowców i studentów

The general portal informing about support for Ukrainian researchers and students:

The Polish Academy of Sciences introduces a new tool supporting cooperation with Ukrainian researchers:

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) has launched the program Banach scholarship





SISSA (Trieste, Italy) has set aside resources for fellowships for students and scholars from Ukraine, as summarized here

This portal is an initiative of scholars from various countries publishing info about current job/scholarships offers:

Support offer from the Tel Aviv University:

R&D job offers for Ukrainian scientists and engineers at Lukasiewicz Research Network:

Support, Grants and Scholarships from IFJ/PAN:

Photonics Aid for Ukraine:

Internships for students - UEK for Ukraine:

Scientific Position in Brand experiment (  in the group led by Prof.Bodek working in our Faculty - details

CEEPUS for Ukraine: Central European Exchange Program for University Studies offers scholarships and internships "Freemover UA" for students and researchers from Ukraine.
More information:
 – application for "Freemover" via:

Postdoc position in Zagorski Group (Jagiellonian University):