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Book collection and journals

Book collection

The area of subjects of the gathered book collection comprises publications on physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, materials engineering, nanotechnology, biophysics, philosophy and history of science. The rules on how the book collection is arranged are determined by an internal subject arrangement.

Arrangement of the book collection at the Library

READING ROOM 1 - ground floor

PO Academic textbooks
P Popular physics
MK Quantum Mechanics
F Philosophy
H History of Science
H- biogr. Biographies of scientists
NT Nanotechnology
BF Biophysics
CH Chemistry
FP Practical physics
Z Problems
PS School textbooks
PS-dydakt. Didactics
V Various
GF Geophysics
A Acoustics


READING ROOM 2 - first floor

TO         Computer science
EL Electronics
AN Mathematics
AS Astronomy
TW Relativity theory
M Mechanics
SF Fantasy literature


READING ROOM 3, the so-called Professors reading room - ground floor

ST                  Statistical physics
C Thermodynamics
E Electricity and magnetism
CE Elementary particles
TP Field theory
DZ Works
O Optics
CS Solid state physics
AM Atomic and molecular physics
K Congresses


The closed storage room

The closed storage room – book collection and journals from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Journals subscribed by the Faculty Library in the printed versions

(In Polish) Acta Physica Polonica A   + online version  
(In Polish) Acta Physica Polonica B + online version  
(In Polish) Acta Physica Polonica B, Proceedings Supplement + online version  
(In Polish) Alma Mater. Miesięcznik Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego 
(In Polish) Bezpieczeństwo Jądrowe i Ochrona Radiologiczna –
(issues available online
CERN Courier. International Journal of High-Energy Physics
Computing in Science and Engineering (also available online, see  – digital materials – journals)
(In Polish) Delta - chosen issues available online
(In Polish) Elektronik
(In Polish) Elektronika dla Wszystkich
(In Polish) Fizyka w Szkole z Astronomią: czasopismo dla nauczycieli
(In Polish) Foton: pismo dla nauczycieli i studentów fizyki oraz uczniów + online version)
Linux Magazine
Nature Materials (also available online, see – digital materials – journals)
Nature Physics (also available online, see – digital materials – journals)
(In Polish) Neutrino + online version 
(In Polish) PC World
Physics World
(In German) Physik Journal
(In Polish) Postępy Fizyki + online version 
(In Polish) Postępy Techniki Jądrowej + online version 
(In Polish) Programista
(In Polish) Przegląd Biblioteczny
(In Polish) Świat Nauki
(In Polish) Świat Wiedzy
(In Polish) Urania - Postępy Astronomii - chosen issues available online via
(In Polish) Wiedza i Życie