Library regulations


The Faculty Library is intended for use by the staff, Ph.D. students and undergraduate students of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University.

  1. Undergraduate students and Ph.D. students of the Jagiellonian University register at the Library based on their electronic student ID valid for the given academic year. Employees of the Jagiellonian University register at the Library after providing a document that confirms their employment at the University.
  2. Students may borrow books for two months, research workers for six. For chosen volumes, the Library may establish a shorter lending period.
  3. The Readers may extend the lending period independently. Deadline extensions can be done by means of a computer unless the book has been ordered by another Reader or the deadline has already been exceeded. Return deadline extensions can also be done at the Library.
  4. The Reader is notified about the upcoming return deadline via e-mail if the e-mail address has been provided.
  5. Tables, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and scientific journals are made available only within the reading rooms at the Library.
  6. Five books may be borrowed by one Reader at a time. Undergraduate students of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science in the third year of Bachelor studies, as well as in the first and second year of their Masters studies may borrow no more than six books, while the Ph.D. students and research workers may borrow up to forty items.
  7. A book lost or damaged must be replaced with a new one, or a fee equivalent to the price of the item must be paid to the Library (no less than 50 PLN).
  8. In order to complete a year of study all the books borrowed at the Library must be returned. Persons resigning from studies or finishing their employment at the University are obliged to return the borrowed books.
  9. Anyone interested in using the library collections available within the reading rooms of the Library must provide a valid student ID, library card, personal ID or another form of identity document.
  10. Employees of other universities may borrow books in the form of interlibrary loans.
  11. The above regulations apply to the Astronomical Observatory Library as well.


Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in the removal of the Reader from the Library system!