Cluster of Departments of Applied Computer Science

Department of Design and Computer Graphics

The department carries out research into the following fields:

  • graph transformation,
  • evolutionary algorithms,
  • innovative computer assisted design engineering,
  • evaluation/classification of projects on the basis of graph structures,
  • visual languages and reasoning in design,
  • automatic hp-adaptation algorithms.


Department of Game Technology

Department of Information Technology

The research carried out by the Department of Information Technology is primarily aimed at creating intelligent IT systems capable of learning, data mining, and knowledge mining, and their application to solve real-life problems.

Areas of interest:

  • applied data analysis,
  • machine learning,
  • pattern recognition,
  • knowledge mining,
  • random networks,
  • biometrics,
  • intelligent systems in bioinformatics.

The methods and systems developed by the Department of Information Technology are experimentally used in science and business. We are especially interested in the applications in bioinformatics, medicine, and biochemistry.