The four-year international programme of studies in astronomy is run by the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University. The doctoral students can choose between many different specialities, including both empirical and purely theoretical ones. The main areas of research include, inter alia: radioastronomy, astrophysics of high energies, optical observational astrophysics, theoretical and observational cosmology, solar activity and space weather, and numerical modeling of magnetic fields regeneration processes and other astrophysical processes. The research is conducted with the help of the world-class observation projects and facilities (such as e.g. SALT telescope, HESS observatory, the newly created LOFAR observatory, optical, roentgen, infrared, and radio-astronomical observatories, and the leading computing centres of Poland and Europe).

Much of the research is conducted in cooperation with foreign partners, and the best doctoral studies graduates successfully apply for postdoctoral fellowships in the world's most prestigious astronomical institutions.

The doctoral programme is open to the best students of astronomy and physics, and, in some special cases, from other related fields of science. The programme is primarily focused on research work. The doctoral students receive a fellowship to cover the costs of living in Krakow.

For more information about the programme and admissions, please contact the head of the programme, Prof. Michał Ostrowski and/or the Secretary's Office for the programme. The data about our publications is available at: