First cycle studies in astronomy are a programme that consists of basic courses from three major groups: mathematics, physics, and astronomy, and of remedial courses in mathematics and physics. Besides, there are specialist courses, such as: electrodynamics, quantum physics, astronomical observations, classic and relativistic mechanics, and physics of planetary systems. The programme also includes courses in English, a selected subject from the humanities, physical education, computer science and work placement in a scientific research institution. It is also possible for students to participate in the research carried out by the Astronomical Observatory.

The graduates of this programme can undertake second cycle studies in astronomy, physics and some technical disciplines.  

Second-cycle studies in astronomy are a natural continuation of the first cycle studies in this field. The programme consists of courses from the area of theoretical physics and the specialist courses, such as: mechanics of the sky, general relativity theory, theoretical and observational astrophysics, radio astronomy,  extragalactic astronomy, and cosmology. Besides, the programme includes various computer courses, and gives the students the opportunity to participate in the research carried out by the Astronomical Observatory, and to develop international contacts.

The programme graduates can undertake doctoral studies in astronomy.

Astronomy graduates can find employment in astronomical observatories, astrophysical institutes, satellite observation teams, and groups of scientists carrying out research projects in Poland and abroad. If they complete the teaching specialization, they may also become school teachers.

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