Computer Science


  • General computer science
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Video Games Production

Curricula within the general computer science specialization

  • Software engineering

The curriculum consists of courses on computer programming, including: object-oriented programming, distributed programming, Java, distributed databases, scripting languages, technologies for www, XML processing

  • Bioinformatics

The main goal of the curriculum is to familiarize students with the possible applications of computer science in medicine, biology, and related sciences. The courses focus on the fields in which the computer software and equipment play a crucial role in the work of physicians and biologists.

  • Computer modeling

The curriculum is aimed at making the students familiar with methods and algorithms of computer modeling, and its applications in different fields of science, technology, and business (financial markets modeling)

  • Computer and telecomunication networks

This curriculum focuses on LAN, MAN and WAN networks. The students learn about the theoretical basis for network technology, and acquire practical skills of network equipment configuration.

  • New technologies in computer science

The students of this curriculum gain insight into the ways in which information technology is applied in science. They get familiar with quantum mechanics, physics of biomaterials, condensed matter physics, measuring and control systems, techniques of data collection and processing, digital processing of signals, and image reception and analysis.

  • Computer graphics and design

The major goal of this curriculum is to make the students master the most widely used graphic and multimedia tools, and teach them to create computer animation and websites.

Video Games Development

In order to meet  the growing demand for experts in electronic entertainment on the Polish job market, the Jagiellonian University has opened new specializations within applied computer science:

  • Video Games Production and 3D Modeling and Animation (full-time and part-time studies), programme: Applied Computer Science, JU Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science,
  • Video Games Design (full-time studies), programme: Cultural Studies (speciality: film studies), JU Faculty of Management and Applied Computer Science,

The students who have chosen the specialization: 3D modeling and animation can become professional graphics programmers, and game design graduates can be employed as chief game programmers, who lead teams responsible for the programme code. They will, inter alia, gain knowledge and skills in such areas as ludology and script writing.    

The Jagiellonian University has been educating video game designers for several years, within the framework of the European Academy of Games, founded in 2008 as a joint project of the Jagiellonian University and the AGH University of Science and Technology in collaboration with a number of game companies, including CD Project, Reality Pump, and Blooberteam.

The skill at design of video games as well as graphics and 3d animation for cinematography, television, and advertising is very highly valued in the job market. The experts in this area are among the most sought after by employers, and among the best paid ones.

Additional information about these specializations is available at:

Facebook: Tworzenie Gier Wideo na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim