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Scholarship in NCN OPUS 22 grant

Position name: scholarship

Unit name: Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science


  1. published a paper in a journal rated 140 or 200 points;
  2. has documented successes in international cooperation
  3. good knowledge of English (spoken and written)

Task description:

  1. search for novel scientific information;
  2. numerical calculations and preparation of publications in PRB;
  3. cooperation with other project participants


The deadline for the submission: until December 2, 2022

Application should be sent by an e-mail to:


The conditions of employment:

participant in a doctoral school at third or higher year

The scholarship is 3000.- PLN per month during the period from 1 March 2023 till 30 September 2023


The application for the scholarship must contain:

1. an academic curriculum vitae including information on previous

education and scientific activities and achievements, including a list of

publications and conference presentations

 2. a statement with information on the processing of personal data

along with consent to their processing from the website: