Astronomical Observatory Library

Contact information:

Library of the Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University, ul. Orla 171, 30-244 Kraków
phone: 12 623-86-30
librarian: mgr Dorota Antosiewicz
Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science

Opening hours:

Monday – Tuesday: 9 -15
Wednesday: 9 -13
Thursday - Friday: 9 -15

Journals subscribed in the printed version:

- CHIP (In Polish)
- Meteoryt (In Polish) 
- Świat Nauki (In Polish) 
- Urania: Postępy Astronomii (In Polish) 
- Wiedza i Życie (In Polish) 

Published Date: 05.08.2016
Published by: Karolina Mazur